Event Details

2024 Single Gender Club League

Start Date:


End Date:

June to July

Venue & Schedule: The competitions will take place on various days and times of the week. Detailed schedules will depend on the final number of teams registered and be announced after registration completes.

Team Fee:

Women's Division - $1,500

Open Divisions - $2,000

*Team fee is calculated based on the number of games each division will be playing throughout the league

Format: 7 VS 7

Registration close/ payment due:Friday, February 16, 2024

Event Details:

  1. Sub-teams of club teams will be perceived as separate teams for this league and participants are not allowed to play with more than 1 registered team.
  2. Schedule will be announced depending on the number of entries received.
  3. Captains of each team are responsible for the team's registration & submitting the payment through Glue Up, on/before Friday, February 16, 2024
  4. Each team is required to have a minimum of 7 members to participate in the Single Gender Club League.
  5. 22 Medals will be awarded to Champions, 2nd place, 3rd place, and Best Spirit teams, but teams may have up to 26 members.
  6. Captains are responsible for making sure all players are HKFDF Members before the first league game they play in starts.
  7. Any players found to have no membership will not be allowed to play in the rest of the league.
  8. A team breaking membership rules will be awarded a loss for that game and the player may not play for the rest of this league.
  9. Subject to the approval by the HKFDF, reasons for bad weather, unsuitable venue for use, etc. a match may be rearranged and postponed to a backup match date.
  10. A backup match date will be provided by HKFDF after registration completes and be made known to each team captain.
  11. Date of the backup match will not be adjusted unless sessions are affected by inclement weather. Should the situation arise where a backup match is canceled due to weather again, HKFDF will determine additional backup match dates.
  12. Teams may also reschedule the canceled match at a time, date, and venue either as both teams shall agree and approved by HKFDF, or in the absence of agreement as determined by HKFDF.

2024 Single Gender Club League Refund Policy

  1. HKFDF will invoice and collect all fees for the Mixed Club League.
  2. All fees are payable in Hong Kong Dollars $.
  3. HKFDF will provide a full refund, if during the registration process, it is decided the event does not have enough teams needed to proceed, or if the event is canceled due to inclement weather conditions.
  4. Player fees and team fees are non-refundable if the player or team voluntarily withdraws from the tournament.

Event Cancellation & Inclement Weather Notices

  1. Should there be any bad weather conditions on the competition day, which will affect the competition, the competition will be canceled as per the following conditions.
  2. If there is Typhoon Signal No.8 or above, and Red or Black Rain Warning hoisted by the HK Observatory, the competition may be canceled.
  3. When the Thunderstorm Warning is hoisted by the HK Observatory before or during the competition the decision as to whether a competition will be postponed or canceled will be made by the League Organizer.
  4. For further information relating to the weather conditions on a competition day, please note the HKFDF will inform all Team Captains of cancellation of the competition on any given weekend by text message and announced on HKFDF Facebook & Instagram as soon as we are made aware (usually 2 hours before game start).


Womem's Team (Single Gender Club League) - Team Registration

Each team is required to have a minimum of 7 members to participate.

TEAM FEE : $1,500 / Team

*Participants MUST be HKFDF members.

Standard Price HKD 1,500
Open Team (Single Gender Club League) - Team Registration

Each team is required to have a minimum of 7 members to participate.

TEAM FEE: $2,000 / Team

*Participants MUST be HKFDF members.

Standard Price HKD 2,000