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✨Tosscar 2024 - HKFDF Annual Dinner✨

Date 日期: April 26, 2024

Time 時間: 19:00

Venue 地點: Tack Hsin Restaurant, 67 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East


🔗Tosscar 2024 Nomination form 提名表: https://forms.gle/D2P9BtkRxzq8d2Th7

🎖️Categories 獎項:

1. Ultimate male MVP 極限飛盤最有價值選手(男)

2. Ultimate female MVP 極限飛盤最有價值選手(女)

3. Dodge Disc male MVP 躲避盤最有價值選手(男)

4. Dodge Disc female MVP 躲避盤最有價值選手(女)

5. Ultimate most improved Male 極限飛盤最大進步獎(男)

6. Ultimate most improved Female 極限飛盤最大進步獎(女)

7. Dodge Disc most improved Male 躲避盤最大進步獎(男)

8. Dodge Disc most improved Female 躲避盤最大進步獎(女)

9. Best rookie (player who started playing the past year) 最佳新手獎

10. Most spirited player 最佳精神獎

11. Captain of the year 最佳隊長獎

12. Ultimate coach of the year 極限飛盤最佳教練獎

13. Dodge Disc coach of the year 躲避盤最佳教練獎

14. Best HFKDF contributor 特別貢獻獎

15. Mythical 7 最强7人組(極限飛盤)

16. Mythical 10 最强10人組(躲避盤)

17.Paul Bartels Blood and Guts Award Paul Bartels 血與淚獎


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